pokemon... the foundation of my childhood, i think. i started way back in the 2000s with pokemon ruby - then i became a really fervent fan for about all of my life. i fell out of love with it for a little bit somewhere after black and white initially and never did pick up black and white 2 when they were current (much to my regret now looking at those prices LOL) but now my love really has come back in full force.

my journey really has been weird, though. i basically had to restart my collection of the games due to losing them in a move about 8 years ago, so i've had to piece what i could back together. unfortunately, i'm still missing a few games, but i kind of enjoyed the quest to reclaim the ones i lost. and hey, if you ever find a rayquaza tcg tin full of every game before HGSS, let me know! LMAO

this little section here will have a few links ranging from my list of shiny pokemon to my love of torchic and much more! (once i get around to it anyway)