about me

oh hi :) my names cody!

lets see... what else... im 26, bi, and i have loads of hobbies that im big on forgetting to do until i remember i love em! for starters, i love playing games a bunch - especially rpgs and fighting games. im also a huge fan reading! predictably, fantasy novels are my weapon of choice. i also enjoy watching shows and films with my friends! i have two dogs named adrian and faffy (which is short for fafnir).

if you had to pick three things to associate with me, i'd say swords, dragons, and fire are the top of the line.

games i like

monster hunter, under night in-birth, like a dragon, dragons dogma, guilty gear, dragon quest, lies of p, bloodborne, elden ring, dark souls, vampire survivors, baldurs gate 3, final fantasy, ace attorney, the elder scrolls, fallout: new vegas, nier replicant and automata, outer wilds, subnautica, return of the obra dinn, risk of rain, civilization, tales of, bastion, transistor, hades, undertale, devil may cry

if you want to know more in depth, check out my games section!