if you couldn't tell by the name of the site, i actually do really love dragons. the concept of them, the lore, everything. to me they represent adventure in its purest form. over the years, i've grown attached to a lot of media with said creatures in them. here are a few of my favorites!


  • media: dragon's dogma

oh grigori. easily one of the top 10 swaggiest dragons that exist in fantasy. i don't know how to explain to you how cool this dragon is. in fact, i'm actually using a picture of him as the header for the site! his design is honestly timeless, a super classic western dragon with four legs and wings.

in the story, it turns out he's bound to the player character by fate, choosing them as the only one brave enough to take up arms against a beast hundreds of times bigger than their own self. this in turn leads to the story of dragon's dogma occurring - the cycle of eternal return.

"when the weak court death, they find it."

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