this is a little corner of my website dedicated to some games i love. if i find that i have more to say on a particular game i might make its own little section here later when i figure out how i wanna do that!

under night in-birth

genre: fighting

under night, or uni as ill call it here, is a fighting game series thats near and dear to my heart. i picked it up after i played dragon ball fighterz way back in 2018 when the game was starting to get popular in the fighting game scene. after playing dbfz a bunch, i grew to love how freeing the game was - you can string your buttons in any order once in a combo or blockstring. the combos themselves and the beautiful 2d pixel graphics really drew me in too. i feel like i love everything about this series and its community.

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dragons dogma: dark arisen

genre: rpg

this really is the one. i dont know how to explain it but this game made me go crazy when i was younger and honestly still does now. i'm so so excited for dragons dogma 2 you have no idea. the way that the combat works just flicks all the right switches in my brain!! i love being able to climb up on a cyclops and stab it in the eye if i want, or switch to a vocation that can just conjure giant lightning bolts or tornadoes instead. the way that the pawns can learn about the world and give you advice as if they were real players is so interesting too.

if you find yourself hungry for an action rpg that's a bit of a cult classic please please try it out i don't think you'll be disappointed!!!!

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lies of p

genre: action

i know this game flew under a lot of peoples radars when it came out. i have to send a shoutout to my friend bree who was pushing a lot of his pals into getting it including me. let me tell you i was not disappointed. i think where a lot of games falter when they try to do something similar to dark souls is that they don't actually try to be their own game, have their own voice. lies of p however has such a beautiful identity. to this day i still listen to songs from the game and i had such a blast streaming it too. the way the systems in the game work to make you realize that sometimes telling kind lies is what makes us human gets me tearful.

the world and the narrative are also amazing too. the way you're drip fed the past while cognizant of something huge on the horizon the entire time grips you and pulls you forward as you fight through the streets of krat.

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like a dragon/yakuza

genre: action

there's so much to say about this series that i gave it its own section. but let me start by saying that you shouldn't come into the games with any expectations. kamurocho will have something for you somehow, that i can tell you. whether it's the main stories and their soulful crime dramas starring kiryu (and later ichiban), the minigames dotted all over the map, or the substories that feature wacky adventures and humor, something will hook you. and then when the dust clears you'll find you have 8 other games in your library if you're anything like me.

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outer wilds

genre: adventure

if i had a lot to say about like a dragon, i have almost NOTHING to say about outer wilds - except that you should play it. anything more is a spoiler. however, if you like space travel or exploring the universe at all, i'm literally ON MY KNEES begging you to play this!!!! i truly love it more than i can even put to words.

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