heh... so you've come to see what books i like... unfortunately i've only just recently truly got back into reading so this might be slower to fill up! that said, be sure to check back and i think you'll be surprised.


  • author: brandon sanderson
  • genre: fantasy
  • released: july 17, 2006

this book is CRAZY. i picked it up in the three part mass market paperback set at a book store on the recommendation of my friend blee who is a HUGE sanderson fan. the story had me gripped from beginning to end! vin is a wonderful character, not to mention kelsier who everyone ALSO goes wild over. probably even moreso.

while i think the second book in the series is a little weaker, the third book ties everything together so well that you definitely see how the second was necessary.

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  • author: jamie!!!
  • genre: fantasy/adventure
  • released: not yet 😳

where do i start with stormqueller? i've known jamie for a long time, and their trials and tribulations writing stormqueller were no secret to me - so it's no secret to anyone else how near and dear this book is to my heart. it took me forever to read it because i'd fallen out of the hobby for a while, and i actually ended up finishing it on a flight to hang out with jamie and blee in person for the first time ever. it was supposed to be a surprise to jamie that i had... but i ended up spoiling it because i'm bad at keeping secrets. oops.

i'm just so fond of every character in this book. from the loving yet chiding mannerisms of maggie to the mysterious yet kind rune, there's no shortage of characters to adore. i'm even fond of hale the headstrong... who definitely lives up to his self-assigned moniker. arlo, the main character, is someone i honestly especially identify with. as someone who's stayed home while his family struck out on their own, it really strikes a chord with me seeing how far he goes in the story. i love him and by god i love stormqueller.

also... im going to toot my own horn and say i helped a teeny tiny bit with designing arlo's axe sheathe. so there. heh.

art by vampesque and commissioned by jamie!

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  • author: will wight
  • genre: fantasy/adventure
  • released: may 20, 2017

this series really surprised me. i picked it up on a whim because all of the books were free on amazon and on blee's recommendation. when i tell you i did NOT expect to enjoy it as much as i did i realy mean it. it reminds me a lot of your typical shonen anime almost? watching as the main character lindon grows is such a treat. i'm not finished yet, though. i'm somewhere in the middle of book 3 at the moment, but i can't wait to see how far he goes.

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