year: 599 PDC



  • cj: ashara
  • jamie: reides
  • nathan: jorah
  • rachel: kilwin


  • blee: many
  • bree: mirĂ©

what the heck is alethustria? simple - it's my homebrew dungeons and dragons setting! way back in 2018, a few friends that i played mmos with invited me to an online dungeons and dragons session. i made a rogue named cen vallis and off we went. with the context you have now, you can probably guess... yeah, i fell in love. i wanted to eat as much d&d as possible and i had no idea how to get more aside from running a game myself...

so i did! i reached out to a couple dear friends and asked if they'd be interested... and the rest is history.

out of character, we lovingly call our group "dungeon delvin'" hence the image you see on the left :]

being a dm is one of the most fulfilling things out there. creating stories is insane especially when you have to live them out in real time with your players. it's also so wonderful seeing the characters my players create and working on a narrative for them that is both satisfying and exciting. while i do love being a player, i don't think i could ever go back to not dming. on top of that, i really feel lucky to have the players i do. they're inspiring and try so hard to live in this silly fake world i made with a whim and a dream.

making a world is hard, though. i struggled a lot at the start and frankly only made it as far as i did thanks to inspirations like matt mercer of critical role fame and matt colville who has an entire playlist on youtube dedicated to helping dms. if you're ever interested in trying this craft out yourself don't be afraid to take a peek!

i'd also be remiss in not mentioning how my amazing players created an entire wiki based on the contents of their adventures and maintain it to this day. i know i said it already, but it is stunning to me how committed they are to the world i made, and i feel so lucky to have players as dedicated as them. heck i might say it again later somewhere; keep an eye out. it feels genuinely insane that i can see a collection of all the lore i've made in the past because of their efforts - i really can't explain it. specific shoutouts to jamie and rachel who are the biggest contributors to the site.